Professional Rate

Semi-Pro Rate

Token Payments

  • “After the Revolution” – Whispers of Wickedness (2004)
  • “The Albino Dies” – Big Pulp (Sep 2012), Bete Noir (Oct 2017)
  • “Bus Stop at Night” – Fusing Horizons
  • “Company Policy” – Milk Fist, First Contact edited by Roy Booth, Fake News anthology
  • “Everyting is Dark” – Silverthought
  • Family Reunion” – On the Premises
  • “Gentle Frustrations” – Whispers of Wickedness
  • “Gentlemen of the Jury” – Atomjack
  • “Intoxicated Fuckheads” – Inclinations for Horror Writers
  • The Literary Career of Nancy Sullivan” – Whispers of Wickedness
  • “The Man in the Red Suit”Sugarplum Zombie Motherfuckers
  • “A Man Walks into a Store” – Milk Fist (April 2016)
  • “Mr Biervald”Hallucinations (Trigger Warning) anthology edited by John Baltisberger
  • “Mountain of God” – Big Pulp (there’s also a version printed in CHimera World 6 but the editor turned out to be a David Duke fan so fuck that guy.)
  • “Movements in a Coffeehouse (Theme with Cows)” – Saturday Evening Post Online edition.
  • My Wife has Black Hair” – Fusing Horizons (2005), Big Pulp (March 2013)
  • “Name Withheld” – Chaos Theory (Tales Askew) audio
  • “Obituary of a Children’s Author” – Whispers of Wickedness
  • “Office Job” – Under the Rose anthology (this was actually no pay as it was a royalties only anthology. But Publishers Weekly called it self-satisfied so I got noticed).
  • Rabbi Aaron meets Satan” – EscapePod, Madness Heart Press
  • Romantic Movie” – Big Pulp
  • The Same Sad Routine” – Whispers of Wickedness
  • “Santa Claus Dies” – Spine Tingerls (Dec 2012), Sugarplum Zombie Motherfuckers
  • Some Day We’ll Meet” – Every Day Fiction (my first actual sale. I got a $1 for it.)
  • “Snow Birds” – America the Horrific anthology
  • “Snuff” – Big Pulp
  • The Xmas Video” – Winter Zombies, Big Pulp (June 2013), Sugarplum Zombie Motherfuckers